Tecnocoat P 2049

polyurea membrane 100% pure for waterproofing and coating

The 100% pure polyurea TECNOCOAT P-2049 system was developed as a coating suitable for waterproofing, protection and sealing in general. It's made up of two high reactive liquid components, isocyanates and amines, which are mixed together using spray equipment, to form an aromatic, continuous, without joints, high density, solid and elastic pure polyurea, with high mechanical and chemical resistance qualities.

It has CE marking on the basis of a statement made DoP Declaration of Performance (DoP) conforms to the regulations UE305/2011. Declaration is available on demand. TECNOCOAT P-2049 has an european technical approval ETA 11/357 and BBA 16/5340 (W3: working life 25 years, 1,4 mm minimum thickness).


For waterproofing and protection of:

  • Sloped roofs, flat roof (walkables), balconies and overhangs.(according ETA 11/0357 and BBA 16/5340)
  • Floor surfaces and roofs in car parks (traffic deck)with vehicle traffic, non-slip finish (according ENV 12633:2003)
  • Tanks and irrigation canals (according BS 6920)
  • Coating for bridges (under asphalt), and elements of civil engineering
  • Industrial floor surfaces with waterproofing and hard-wearing requirements (according EN 1504.2 certification)
  • Retaining walls and foundations (according EN 1504.2 certification)
  • Green roofs and walls (Category P4 under EOTA, highly protected roof, according ETA 11/0357 and BBA/16/5340)
  • Power plants, recycling, water waste and water treatment and storage plants and petrochemical plants (according european norm EN-1504.2)
  • Swimming pools, aquariums, lakes. Near sea water
  • Vehicle and boat coatings(linings)
  • Asbestos roofs.
  • As a protection for a polyurethane foam


Aliphatic top coats


TECNOTOP 1C. It is an aliphatic, flexible resin, to protect Desmopol polyurethane or Tecnocoat pure polyurea membranes.

  • Aliphatic topcoat resin
  • Application in a single layer
  • Single component, simple setting up and quick re-application
  • Tack free time: ±5 MINUTES: very useful in applications where rapid commissioning is indispensable; this feature makes it optimal for use
  • Flexibility
  • Light pedestrian traffic

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